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11.05.2016 >  Antitrust Complaint against Google in Europe

Google could get a 6.6 billion Euro fine if found guilty of monopolizing the search and smartphone market.


11.05.2016 > Windows 10 free upgrade program ending in July

If you have been on the fence about upgrading to Windows 10, time to make a decision! Microsoft will no longer give a free upgrade to Windows 10 July 29th. From that point onward a license must be purchased for about $130 each. Read more: 10 top reasons to upgrade to Win10, Microsoft announces free Windows 10 Tool: NO WINDOWS 10,


04.05.2016 >  Microsoft releases DirectX 12. Read more:  Facebook CAO IT service


25.04.2016 >  Dropbox drops support for Windows XP. If your still using Windows XP, now is a great time for an upgrade!.

Read more: Dropbox


14.04.2016 >  Black Paper is about Social Media Safety. If you have any questions contact your experts at CAO IT Service.

Read more: Dropbox


13.04.2016 >  We recommend Kapersky‬ ‎Anti‬-Virus. We can install and configure the Anti-Virus for $35.00. Ask your computer experts at CAO IT Service. 


04.04.2016 >  Microsoft SQL 2005 End of Life. Microsoft typically gives software they develop a 10 year shelf life. 


17.03.2016 > We have recently launched a YouTube Channel. It contains many helpful videos.



20.02.2016 >  Black Paper is about MALWARE AND VIRUS. If you have any questions contact your experts at CAO IT Service.


17.02.2016 > ‎Free‬ ‪‎security‬ ‎diagnostic‬ check that includes a detailed report of your computers and servers. Visit us at CAO IT Service Suite 201B-260 Harvey Ave.


29.01.2016 > Cryptolocker is a very damaging virus. Please be vigilant while checking your emails. Typically these viruses can get past your virus checking software by being encrypted zip files. As soon as you click on the attachment, or click on the email if preview is enabled, the virus unzips itself in your computer memory, then runs in the background while you work. The virus typically sends everyone in your contact list an email from you with a virus payload attached. After it encrypts all your documents, photos, external drives, etc it pops up with a message asking for money, typically $700 in bitcoins. If you don’t pay the ransom within a certain time frame, the special primary key that was used to encrypt your data is lost along with all your data. Here are some easy steps to remember to protect yourself.


25.01.2016 > Windows 10 Preview 11102 Stability Issues
If you are participating in Windows 10 insider preview, be aware that there is a bug in the windows graphics stack that may cause crashes when the driver changes resolutions. Also wireless cards may have to update to the latest drivers to operate. It’s best to download the latest wireless driver before upgrading to build 11102 so you are not stuck without internet.
Contact your team at CAO IT Service


25.01.2016 > Black Paper on Business Phones Copper or VOIP?


20.01.2016 >  Time to jump ship to a new browser if your running anything less than the latest version of Internet Explorer 11. New vulnerabilities will not be patched so best to use a modern browers like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Click here for more details


20.01.2016 >  As new generations of CPUs have been realeased, Microsoft has historically provided drivers for older operating systems to maintain compatibilty. That means you could install Windows 7 on your brand new CPU. Today that is changing as Microsoft is giving us a grace period of 18 months until your only option for an operating system on a new CPU will be Windows 10. After that time users opting to stay with Windows 7 or 8 will be limited to specific hardware choices. Click here for more details


13.01.2016 > We are proud to have received a 10/10 review from Outgrow Outplay. Click here for more details


13.01.2016 > Get a desktop computing experience with your Lumia phone!
Connect your Lumia phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse using the handy Microsoft Display Dock. Access Office and other Windows 10 apps full screen that scale up to maximize your productivity. No more lugging that laptop to the office and back. Click here for more details



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> You can now specify a different hard drive for installing Apps

 > New “Find my Device” options

> Cosmetic changes to context menus and color bars

> Improvements to Cortana

> Some new icons for Registry editor and devices

> Still a free upgrade for any Windows 7 or 8 computers!

29.09.2015 > Students now get 10% off our hourly rate

27.07.2015 > Special Offer! CAO IT Service

offers you a free SECURE SYSTEM CHECK including a system clean-up for your PC or Laptop.

14.07.2015 >  Free installation for Windows 10
includes data backup (Saving your personal data) a system cleaning and check. This offer is for Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.
To registrar go to our website at with your product number and use the keyword Windows 10 Free .

11.05.2015 >  You only pay for successfully completed services

We are now offering a free upgrade installation to Windows 10.
We will clean your computer, backup your personal data, and then install Windows 10 for free.
You save 375.00 $